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Martin Creed: Getting Changed
Martin Creed: Getting Changed
Tickets are $15 for the Public  / $10 for Museum / $5 for Circles and FCA Members

One of the UK’s best known artists, Martin Creed won the Turner Prize in 2001 with The Lights Going On And Off. His work is exhibited across the globe including many works involving live music, dance and the use of words —in the form of word-sculptures, talks and songs. Most recently he has been working on a new one-person show, "Getting Changed”, which is part-talk, part-concert, part-cabaret. It is the follow-up to the show "Words & Music" which he did at the Edinburgh Festival in 2017 and has played around the world. Some of the themes of the new show are borders both personal and national, communication in the form of clothes, and words as clothes for feelings, all put together live in Martin's responsive freestyle way.

Tickets to this event include access to thespecially-ticketed exhibition Legends of Speed, which has timed,ticketed entry during voluntary donation times. Please indicate desiredexhibition entry time when checking in at the admissions desk.