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Lenhardt Lecture Series: Jim Hodges

Tickets are $10 (No member discount)

Since the late 1980s, Jim Hodges' poetic reconsiderations of readymade materials such as mirrors, silk flowers, and used denim fabric has elicited a body of work focused on fragility, temporality, and the sublime. From the delicate nature of early wall sculptures-including pieces such as Not For Long (1996), composed of jeweler's metal chains made to resemble a spider's web, and No Betweens (1996), a curtain made out of silk flowers-to the large cut-paper photographs of flowering trees, gold-leafed newspaper pages, and light-filled mirror mosaics, Hodges' art typically begins as humble, even overlooked materials that are transformed through his touch. His works of art have been called subtle acts of transmutation that are informed, in large part, by the extreme loss of lives in the aftermath of the AIDS crisis and which stand as subtle reminders of longing and loss and the formation of queer identity.

The David and Dawn Lenhardt Contemporary Art Initiative represents a significant and comprehensive investment in the growth and visibility of contemporary art collecting, education and exhibition at the Museum. It is the first of its kind in the Museum's nearly 60-year history, and represents a significant commitment to the elevation of Phoenix as a promising cultural player on a national scale.
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Tuesday, April 24
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