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Indigenous Astronomy Lecture and Workshop
Indigenous Astronomy Lecture and Workshop
Tickets are $5 for the Lecture / $10 for Lecture & Workshop / FREE for Members

Dr. David Koerner, Professor of Astronomy at Northern Arizona University, will present a 45-minute overview of Indigenous cosmogony, archaeoastronomy, and the astronomies of native peoples from the American Southwest.

After the talk Dr. Koerner will teach the underlying mechanics of sky watching with hands-on demonstrations and tutorials.

Please note that space is limited for the workshop and prior registration is highly recommended.


Dr. Koerner teaches Indigenous Astronomy at Northern Arizona University and uses space and ground-based telescopes to study the properties of planetesimal disks around nearby stars. Dr. Koerner also carries out ground-based optical observations of nearby stars to determine their ages as a proxy for the evolutionary state of their planetary systems. These programs work together to build understanding of the origin, evolution, and prevalence of planets and their potential to host life.

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