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First Friday
First Friday

Join us on Zoom as we bring you a virtual presentation of May First Friday. 

New works from Arizona State University’s Advanced Media Design and Media Design Application courses

ASU Artists working with media for live and time-based spaces present a series of new media-based performance and installation works. Utilizing emergent technologies, projects will explore being and nothingness, Hip Hop dance with a backdrop of Ryukyuan History, El Ombligo: the scar of birth, the untapped potential of spinal movement, A.I. chatbots as performance collaborators, projection-mapped board games, and animated storytelling. 

Artists include Michael Fitzsimons, Tyler Harris, Olivia Hernandez, Delia Ibanez, Ri Lindegren, Glenna Negron, David Novoa, and Treyvon Thompson.

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/91618467728?pwd=K1BNRENCTSt1dE9PT29wcHBxaE4rdz09

Password: 421231