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Film: We Call It Skweee
Film: We Call It Skweee
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A film about music, people and Scandinavia by Iacopo Patierno and David Giese.

"We Call It Skweee" follows the Swedish and Finnish pioneers from the Scandinavian's home towns to Barcelona, covers the Sonar show and sketches the history of an unusual Scandinavian music phenomenon.
In early 2008, Italian filmmaker Iacopo Patierno arrived in Stockholm to assist Erik Gandini on his film "Videocracy". While in Sweden he discovered the quirky Scandinavian electro style Skweee and befriended some of its practitioners. Active in the Dubstep scene back home with the audiovisual project "Biologic," Patierno became fascinated with the music as well as the determination and individuality of the artists involved. Camera in hand, he decided to follow some of the central Skweee artists for a year, starting in the functionalist Stockholm suburbs, traversing the Baltic to Helsinki, and eventually tripping down to Barcelona's legendary Sonar festival, where eight Swedish and Finnish artists were invited to represent the scene.

(Directed by Iacopo Patierno and David Giese, 2009, 61 min., Not Rated)

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