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Calligraffiti Workshop
Calligraffiti Workshop
Included in General Admission plus $5 Materials Fee. Members are to include $5 Materials fee only.

In this two-hour workshop, we will be discussing some of the basics on scripting Arabic Calligraphy, while also stepping outside of the traditional boundaries through Calligraffiti. We will be going over the structural process, the different forms, and the creative process that stems from within, in addition to conversation in the galleries. Upon completion, participants will produce an artwork and be given study material for home practice.

Please note that this workshop is geared towards an adult (17+) audience.

What is Calligraffiti?
Calligraffiti merges the traditions of calligraphy with the modern art of graffiti. This hybrid art form draws inspiration from time-honored techniques while simultaneously breaking the rules of composition and form. The artist’s style of handwriting and their unique approach to composing words makes calligraffiti something altogether new.  

Mario Garcia is a Mexican-American Islamic artist best known for his use of Arabic characters. He uses form, figures, and shapes to amplify the majesty of the ancient script. With over 9 years of experience, he has managed to transcend the boundaries of language, while always drawing inspiration from Islamic art. His primary medium is acrylic paint on canvas, but he excels in mural production and on-the-spot live painting as well. He often takes a multidimensional approach with his structure, to invoke a deeper level of involvement in the observer. His style is known as Calligraffiti which is a modern twist on a form of art that dates back to the 7th century. His purpose is to keep this ancient script alive and thriving, in a way that everyone can appreciate and connect to, even if they have no ties to the culture or language.

Follow Mario’s work on Instagram @qlmdesigns.
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