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Artist Talk: Teresita Fernández
Artist Talk: Teresita Fernández
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Artist Teresita Fernández will discuss her mid-careerretrospective, Elemental. Based in New York, Fernández, who was born in 1968 in Miamito Cuban parents, is renowned for her prominent public installations andexperiential sculptures. Through her practice, she explores perception and thepsychology of looking, regularly manipulating light and space to createimmersive, intimate, and evocative experiences. Using a range of materials,including silk, graphite, onyx, mirrors, glass, and charcoal, her minimalistyet substantive installations and sculptures evoke landscapes, the elements,and various natural wonders, including meteor showers, cloud formations, andthe night sky. Fernández, who has created site-specific commissions for suchpublic spaces as Harvard College, Madison Square Park, and Olympic SculpturePark in Seattle, received the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2003. In 2005, she wasnamed a MacArthur Foundation Fellow for "integrating architecture and the opticaleffects of color and light into exquisitely constructed, contemplative spaces,"according to the Foundation's website. Solo exhibitions of her work have beenorganized at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (North Adams, Mass.);Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami (Fla.); and Modern Art Museum of FortWorth (Texas), among others.

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