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Artist Talk: Elliott Jamal Robbins
Artist Talk: Elliott Jamal Robbins
Event is FREE with RSVP.
In-gallery artist talk with Artist Grant winner, Elliott Robbins, Katz Main.

Elliott Jamal Robbins’ body of work consists of a wide range of mediums, from paintings and drawings, to mixed media collages, to film and animation. He places a focus on black identity and masculinity having created and exhibited several series of works exploring these themes. Robbins utilizes recurring characters and cartoons within certain pieces, as well as fragments of text, to create narratives addressing both personal and societal experiences. Robbins graduated from the University of Arizona with a Master’s in Fine Art. His solo exhibition is titled “Snow White Clapping,” drawing its name from one of the artist’s notable animations, was displayed at Kai Matsumiya in New York in 2018.

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